October 12, 2002


Conroe, Texas

We were listening to a radio station in Houston, Texas when the announcer started talking about a very talented eleven year old from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana named Hunter Hayes. He then played Hunter's version of Allons Danser. We were so impressed that we found Hunter's website and saw that he would be performing just north of Houston at
The Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival. We made a point of going there to see if Hunter was as good as the radio announcer said he was.

We arrived early while the stage was being set up. Hunter's stage was at the end of a city block. When it came time for Hunter's concert to begin the crowd had grown to fill that block and filled the next intersection and was growing into the next block.
People were still arriving and seeking out good spots to see and hear
the amazing young man from Breaux Bridge.

Hunter's band, the great Louisiana H.O.T. took the stage and began playing. We still had not set eyes on Hunter. Louisiana H.O.T. played for about three minutes and at the perfect moment out stepped the blonde haired bundle of Cajun dynamite. Hunter was playing his accordion with a skill that could easily match that of experts with many more years of experience. It was spine tingling. This kid was not kidding around. The crowd roared it's approval. The party had started and was being led by a young man who was having a blast entertaining his audience.

Hunter's set was a nice blend of Cajun and Country music with some Rock and Zydeco tossed in for good measure. Hunter Hayes played and sang several wonderful songs he had written. These included Six Years Old, Freight Train, Make A Wish, Hold Her Till She's Older, Quarter At The Bottom Of The Jukebox and Dreaming which became the number one song in south Louisiana after it's release.

During his incredible performance Hunter took a turn on the drums and another turn on keyboards and played them so well that it was jaw dropping. How could Hunter possibly have had time to become this good on these different instruments? Hunter's keyboard player said "Hunter can play every instrument on this stage. It's a good thing that there is only one Hunter Hayes otherwise the rest of us would be out of a job."

Hunter Hayes played into the night and the crowd could have partied with Hunter
all night long!

On the left side of the stage was a table where two lovely ladies were selling Hunter's CD's and t-shirts. Fans were buying them just as fast as they could sell them. We learned that the two ladies were Hunter's mom, Lynette and his grandmother, Mary.
Yes, we purchased our copies of Through My Eyes and Make A Wish and our Hunter Hayes t-shirts that day. After his fantastic performance Hunter came out to greet his fans. People swarmed the table to meet Hunter and to get his autograph. They were also treated to a handshake and his world class smile.
Hunter Hayes had stolen the show and the hearts of his fans!