May 12, 2007


Lafayette, Louisiana

Hunter was so happy to be performing at this wonderful arena in the heart of Lafayette.
Louisiana HOT was happy.
Hunter's fans were happy.
Everyone is happy!

Hunter gave us another great mix of music.
Hunter Hayes and Louisiana HOT played great Cajun music including what has become known as the Cajun national anthem
Jolie Blonde

Be ready to hold on to your hats at a Hunter Hayes concert because
Hunter and HOT can and will rock the house!

Did someone say HOT...

Tony Goulas             Rick Lagneaux             Kenny Alleman             Cal Arnold

Cajun, Country, Blues, Zydeco, and Rock n Roll
These guys know how to throw a party!

Hunter has mastered eleven different instruments!
It's always fun to see how many he will play during a concert.
Heck, it's fun to see how many he'll play during one song!

Hunter is writing fantastic new music and he played some for us here.
These included the rocker FALLIN,
the country flavored ON EARTH,
and his emotional ballad CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW

Folks, hearing is believing.
Hunter is writing one masterpiece after another.

Hunter Hayes and Louisiana HOT bring another fantastic concert to a spectacular close
with what has become their signature finish.
What is it?
We ain't telling but you can find out when you see the Amazing Hunter Hayes in concert.
See you there!