May 30, 2004


Shreveport, Louisiana

It didn't take long to realize that the people here in Shreveport are Hunter Hayes veterans. In the hours leading up to Hunter's concert his fans here were happy to carry on discussions about Hunter and the times that they had seen him perform. We enjoyed the conversations about Hunter's great music and his tremendous talent.

The time came for Hunter Hayes and Louisiana H.O.T. to start. All of the seats under the large pavilion were taken. The bleacher seats on the side were full and it was standing room only. We were all ready for THE AMAZING YOUNG MAN FROM BREAUX BRIDGE.

The stage was quite large and it had two levels. Hunter used every bit of the stage. Hunter's on the right side of the stage. He's on the left side. He's on the lower level. He's on the upper level. Hunter was having as much fun as his fans.