We took the liberty of taking photos of items for sale on Hunter's souvenir table. These pictures do not do justice to the high quality of these items but lets you know what is available.

In the photo above are hats that are for sale. Yes, that thing on the right is a hat. It works in a variety of funny ways. In the photo below you see Hunter modeling one of those ways in 2002.

These t-shirts with Hunter's famous HH logo are available in different sizes. Wear them with pride.

These are each 8" x 10" photos. Bring them with you or purchase them when you attend a Hunter Hayes concert and don't be surprised if a certain nice young man autographs them
            for you.

We benefit greatly in so many different ways by being Hunter Hayes fans and volunteers. Being volunteers we do not seek monetary gain. Please help an outstanding young musician and a really great guy by purchasing these items from him. You can send your questions about how to buy these great souvenirs by clicking here or if you prefer to type it in:

We of The Hunter Hayes Fan Site thank you very much.
Please tell Hunter hi for us while you're there.
Thanks again.