October 9, 2004


Conroe, Texas

Here he is the teenage Hunter Hayes. Hunter is now an eleven year veteran of public performances. He has recorded and released four absolutely fantastic CD's. Hunter Hayes is the youngest person to headline his own show in Branson, Missouri. This was at the Mickey Gilley Theatre. He tours the United States, Canada, and Europe. Hunter has appeared in three movies and has made several national television appearances. Not too shabby for a guy who just turned thirteen and the best is yet to come.

What more can we say? Hunter gave another tremendous performance to another very large crowd. Hunter is developing quite a following and we are noticing more Hunter Hayes t-shirts in the crowds. There is no doubt that Hunter's fan base is growing and growing.

Hunter likes variety and he is great at it all. Here he is on the drums.
Most people have a tough time learning and mastering one instrument. Hunter must have a warehouse to store all of the instruments he can play.